Types of whetstones and how to sharpen blades

It is important to sharpen knives regularly as it improves work efficiency in kitchens. In this article we will introduce the different types of whetstones 

Types and applications of whetsones 

  • Coarse grit whetsone - used for for correcting chipped blades
  • Medium grit whetsone - used for  for fixing poor sharpness
  • Finishing stone - used for sharper cutting edges
  • Double-sided whetsone- it is a combination of rough and medium whetsone or a medium  whetsone and a finishing whetsone.It is a convenient tool because it performs two functions at the same time.

How to sharpen blades using whetsone

(1) Before use, soak the whetsone in water for about 3 minutes.


(2) When sharpening double-edged knives, sharpen the front side (the side facing outward when you hold the knife) and the back side the same number of times. For single-edged knives, sharpen mainly the front side (the side facing outward when you hold the knife).

(3) Place a wet cloth or similar material under the whetsone to make it stable. While maintaining the angle, sharpen the blade by slowly moving it back and forth so that the edge of the blade touches the whetsone. When grit appears on the back side of the blade, it is sharpened.


(4)If there are burrs on the back side of the blade after sharpening, turn the knife over, place it on the whetsone, and sharpen it lightly 2-3 times to remove the burrs.

Please be careful not to cut your fingertips when you check for grit. Do not wash off the dust that comes out while sharpening, but add water as you sharpen.