How to use impact wrench

What is an  impact wrench

Impact wrenches are indispensable tools for automobile maintenance. They can turn and remove bolts and nuts at once. They are often used for changing tires, and the advantage is that tires can be removed without fixing them.   

How to use impact wrenches

It is important to understand how to utilize and use impact wrenches, especially in automobile maintenance.

There are two types of power sources for impact wrenches: air compressors and electric types. Both have the same usage. The electric type is suitable for use in an environment where there is an outlet, while the air compressor has the advantage that it can be used in places where a power source cannot be secured.

Inspect for abnormalities before use. Check for damage or cracks on the wrench, loose mounting bolts on the wrench body, loose threads on the air plug, and worn or damaged air plugs or air sockets. Also check the anvil tip square for wear and the socket for wear.

For air impact wrenches, prepare a compressor. It takes time for the tank to fill with air, so during this time, replace the socket with a size that matches the nut. Sockets should be specially designed for impact wrenches. Hand-cranked ones cannot be used. It is convenient to prepare several types as needed. The socket should not be a one-touch type that hooks onto the knob, but should have a pin through the hole and be secured with an O-ring. Sockets should be installed before connecting to the compressor to prevent injury if the lever is pulled by mistake.

To use, simply pull the lever to turn it. Pull the lever after inserting it firmly to the far side of the nut. If the nut is not inserted properly, it will be damaged. When turning it, it is easier to work if you turn it gradually in several steps instead of turning it all at once.

When removing the wheel of large vehicles such as large trucks and buses, set the wrench adjustment dial for loosening. Once the socket is mounted horizontally on the nut, pull the lever to loosen the nut. For wheel installation, remove any debris or sand from the disc wheel and nut. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the threads of the bolt and nut, then attach the wheel and push the nut all the way in by hand. Set the wrench's adjustment dial to the scale for tightening, then pull the lever to tighten. Be careful not to over-tighten the nut and make sure it is level. Finally, use the torque wrench to adjust to the specified torque and finish. Also, retightening the wheel nuts every 50 to 100 km will increase safety.

インパクトレンチの使い方 インパクトレンチの使い方

Usage scenarios of impact wrenches in automobile maintenance

One of the applications of impact wrench is changing tires. When turning a bolt while raising the car body, the tire must be secured. However, with an impact wrench, the tire does not rotate because the bolt is turned while stimulating the bolt itself. Therefore, it is possible to turn the bolt without fixing the tire when jacking up the vehicle. It can also be used for flywheel removal and wheel removal work for large trucks and buses.

Using an impact wrench, it is possible to remove even a tightly tightened bolt. Furthermore, the process of turning and removing bolts is quick, and they are utilized in a wide range of places such as tire specialty stores, auto manufacturer maintenance shops, and gas stations. In areas where it snows, tires must be changed in spring and fall, and the speed of the impact wrench will be useful because the number of tire replacements at that time of the year increases at once.


Impact wrenches are useful tools for quick tire changes. If you have a lot of work to do, preparing it will save you time and effort and speed up the work. To use the wrench, simply replace the socket with the one that matches the size, pull the lever, and turn it. Be careful not to over-tighten or damage the wrench.