How to Use an Air Compressor

What is an air compressor and how does it work?

An air compressor is a machine that can compress air;the power of this compressed air can then be used for nailing nails, attaching and removing bolts from tires, inflating tires and more during DIY or construction projects. In this article, we will explain the basic usage of air compressors for those who are new to using them.

Composition of an air compressor

The main body of an air compressor is an air tank for storing compressed air.The compressed air discharged from the tip of the main body is used for various purposes. The tip of the air compressor is designed so that pneumatic tools can be attached to it according to the application. The following pneumatic tools can be attached to the tip of the compressor, depending on the application.

  • For nailing: nailer
  • Tire bolt removal: impact wrench
  • Balls, etc.: tire chucks
  • Roof and wall painting: spray guns

Note that when using an air compressor, the cord reel is connected to an electrical outlet, but if the cord reel is not long enough, the air hose must be lengthened without extending the cord reel. Note that if the cord reel is too long, the voltage will drop, causing malfunctions and other problems.

Procedures for using an air compressor

  1. First, install the pneumatic tool you plan to use before turning on the power and running the compressor.
  2. Plug in the cord and turn on the power. The compression engine will then start and increase the air pressure to the specified pressure. A constant sound is generated during this process. A pressure gauge is attached, so you can tell how much the pressure in the tank is by observing it.
  3. When the air pressure in the tank rises to the specified pressure, the pressure engine automatically stops. When this condition is reached, the pneumatic tool can be used.
  4. When a certain amount of air is consumed, the pressure in the tank will decrease. The compression engine will then automatically restart and increase the pressure in the tank again. 

The air compressor can be used by repeating this process.

The pressure meter of the air compressor

Air compressors are equipped with one or two pressure gauges, depending on the product. One pressure gauge is used to measure the pressure in the tank where compressed air is stored, and the other (regulator) is used to adjust the pressure when the compressed air is blown out. For air compressors equipped with a regulator, the pressure at which compressed air is blown out can be adjusted by turning the dial on the pressure gauge.

Air compressor maintenance tips

Here are some tips for using and maintaining an air compressor 

  1. Whenever air is compressed by a compressor, condensation occurs in the tank, causing water to accumulate. Therefore, it is necessary to remove this water after using the air compressor. A valve is attached to the bottom of the tank to drain compressed air and water, so be sure to open this valve after use to drain air and water. Failure to drain the air and water may cause the inside of the tank to rust. 
  2. Besure to clean the suction filter regularly, as fine atmospheric debris that is sucked in with the air will gradually adhere to it.
  3. Open the valve when you are finished with using the tank, as leaving compressed air in the tank without draining it will put a strain on the tank itself. Once the water and air have been drained, be sure to close the valve and store the air compressor. If you leave the valve open, the next time you use the compressor, you may accidentally start it up with the valve still open.

Tip - It is recommended that you wear the right clothing when you use air compressors.

Having an air compressor can be useful for various projects. You can find a wide range of air compressors and related products at MonotaRO!