How to use a high-speed cutting machine

High-speed cutting machines are tools used for cutting water pipes and steel pipes. Work can be done in a short time because the material can be cut simply by placing it against a grinding wheel that rotates at high speed. However, sparks fly during cutting, so you must be careful when using the machine. Improper use of the machine can lead to serious accidents. Make sure you know how to use it properly.

Uses of high-speed cutting machines

High-speed cutting machines, also called high-speed cutters, are used to cut steel angles and pipes. A grinding stone with a thickness of about 5 mm rotates at high speed, and cutting can be done simply by pressing the material against it. However, care must be taken to avoid injury during cutting, as sparks and the cut pieces fly out.


How to use a high-speed cutting machine

Wear goggles to prevent blindness as sparks and chips fly when cutting. Remember to wear gloves to prevent injuries and burns. Install the grinding wheel that has been stored to prevent curvature, making sure it is not cracked or damaged. Install the grinding wheel by sandwiching both sides between thin sheets of paper and lightly tightening with a flange. The mounting screw is a left-hand thread, so be sure to check it.

Inspect appearance, operation, and function before use. Perform a one-minute dry run to check for looseness or rattling of the blade. If used without checking, the blade may come off or break and pop out, which is very dangerous. Check carefully for external damage, and also check for abnormalities in the power cord and plug. Also, check if the stopper pin, protective cover, etc. are functioning when idling.

After confirming that the machine can be used safely, start the cutting operation. Make sure that the item to be cut is securely fastened to the dedicated vise. A loose vise can lead to cracking of the blade. Pay special attention to the tightness of the vise.

Set the object to be cut, adjust the working posture, and then turn on the switch. Once the blade rotates, press it against the object to cut it. If you press the blade too hard at this time, the rotation will slow down. Although it is not that difficult once you get used to it, make sure you know how to use it correctly if you are working with it for the first time. Also, when using a new grinding wheel, first place the grinding wheel against the object to be cut and blend the outer circumference.

Precautions for use

Be sure to use goggles, a dust mask, and a safety cover when working. Sparks fly during cutting, which can be dangerous. Remember to work in a place where there are no combustibles nearby and to ventilate the area frequently.

If abnormal vibration occurs during work, immediately turn off the power switch. If the disconnection time takes more than 1 minute, the motor needs to be cooled down. Stop work halfway through and let the machine run without load for 10 to 20 seconds. Also, violently pushing down the handle will damage the grinding wheel. Be sure to handle it carefully.

Immediately after cutting, the temperature is high and burrs are formed on the cut surface. Do not touch it with bare hands as it may cause burns or injury. It is also dangerous to remove the object while the grinding wheel is spinning to clean up.

When the work is finished, turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord. After completing the work, remove the grinding wheel and store it to avoid curvature. Replacement of the grinding wheel should only be done after receiving special training as stipulated in the Industrial Safety and Health Regulations (Article 36). Finally, finish by tidying up the surrounding area.


High-speed cutting machines can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Make sure you know how to use it and what precautions to take. Take proper safety measures to prevent accidents. First-time operators must be instructed and supervised on how to use the machine properly. It's not difficult work once you get used to it, but to prevent accidents, even if you're used to it, please check how to use it again.