How to replace faucet pipes

Once you have the right size faucet pipe, how do you replace it? Replacement is easy, but if you get the procedure wrong, it may not fit properly or may cause leaks. This article describes specific instructions on how to replace a faucet pipe.

What you will need

A new faucet pipe of the correct size

Faucet repair wrench (slide wrench, monkey wrench, etc.)

Cleaning tools (a toothbrush is acceptable)

  1. Turn off the faucet.
    • Although this may not seem necessary, taking all possible precautions is fundamental to the work. Before starting work, be sure to turn off the water valve inside the faucet box, meter box, and under the sink.
  2. Remove the pipe nuts and remove the existing faucet pipe and packing.
    • Loosen the nut on the existing faucet pipe with a wrench and remove it. At this time, the old pipe packing will remain in the faucet body, so remove it by inserting your finger or other means.
  3. Cleaning the area.
    • Before installing the new faucet pipe, use a special brush, toothbrush, or other tool to clean the area around the faucet threads. Cleaning the area around the faucet will help the screws turn easily.
  4. Insert new gaskets into the faucet body.
    • Before installing the pipes, first fit the pipe gaskets into the faucet body. At this time, the grooved side of the packing should face the faucet. For example, if the faucet is facing down, the groove in the packing will be facing up, and if the faucet is facing up, the groove in the packing will be facing down. Be careful not to damage the packing.
  5. Insert the new faucet pipe into the faucet and tighten the nut.
    • Make sure the pipe ring is attached to the new faucet pipe and insert it into the faucet. Tighten the pipe nut firmly with a wrench. Tightening it too loosely may cause water leakage.
  6. Make sure there are no leaks.
    • Finally, open the faucet and twist the faucet handle to let the water out. If you confirm that there is no leakage, you are done.


In addition to repairing leaks, you can also improve work efficiency by replacing faucet pipes that are difficult to use, such as in restaurants and other establishments. However, it is important to confirm the size as well as the type of faucet you want to replace to avoid ‘size mismatch’ after purchase.