Advantages of using an arm protector

Arm covers are garments that cover the arms from the tips of the hands to the elbows or the arms. They are used for general purposes such as sun protection and protection from the cold, but they are also useful in a variety of ways in different work situations, such as field work.  They are made of various types of materials like plastic, cotton, etc. This article explains the advantages of using arm covers in three different work situations.

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Prevention of arm accidents during work

When working, there is always the risk of accidents in almost all situations. In particular, since both hands and arms are used in every situation, accidents are likely to occur if they are left uncovered. Wearing arm covers or protective sleeves that protect against external factors will reduce the probability of minor as well as major accidents.

Prevention of foreign material contamination

In recent years, there has been a string of cases of foreign material contamination, in food manufacturers and restaurants. The most common of these is body hair. Hair is the most common foreign body hair contaminant, but it is not uncommon to find hair on the arms. Wearing arm covers hides body hair, greatly reducing the risk of foreign body contamination.

Preventing clothes from getting dirty

In many places, workers wear work clothes. Thus, the sleeves and other parts of the garments easily become soiled, requiring frequent laundering. If arm covers are used, only the arm covers need to be washed. Incidentally, if you prioritize preventing stains, we recommend black items that do not show stains easily.


Arm covers are useful in a variety of situations in addition to 'preventing accidents,' 'preventing foreign objects from entering the arms,' and 'preventing clothes from getting dirty,' as described above. Many of these items do not cost much to purchase, so it is better to consider using them.