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The long-awaited outdoor and indoor type has been realized with our unique development technology.
Just set the main body and turn on the switch to automatically project a horizontal line.
Dust-proof and drip-proof type (work in the rain is OK!).
If you use one shot (receiver), you can use it in bright places where you cannot see the line, or even outdoors with a radius of up to 50m.
Main Unit Dimensions (mm):  115H×120Φ
Output:  1mW or less Safety standard / Class 2
Service Life:  20000 hours or more
Wire Diameter (Φmm):  3mm or less at 10m
Mass of Main Unit (g):  900 (Case 800g)
Type of Braking:  Automatic leveling method
Power Supply:  DC3V, 2 AA alkaline batteries
Type of Display:  Using horizontal sensor X-16
Type of Laser:  Visible semiconductor laser line / 635nm
Rotating Mechanism:  With body bottom rotation mechanism
Accuracy:  Within ± 1mm at 10m
Automatic Correction Range:  ±5°
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards.
Some products may not meet the standards of your item.
Please check the specification carefully before you order.
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