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Sintered Heat Soldering Iron / Warp Solder

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High (130W) / Low (20W) 2-stage mode switching type.
The warp circuit instantly amplifies the heat power from 20W to 130W.
The solder will melt in 10 to 15 seconds.
The High / Low mode can be identified by the brightness of the indicator lamp.
Built-in high-performance ceramic heater.
Corrosion resistant iron tip with a tip shape of Φ1.5 mm. Wide range of applications from printed circuit boards to general work * Do not use Hi for more than 1 minute in a row.
Cable Length (m):  1.3
Outer Dimensions (mm):  165×115
Mass (g):  185 (including code)
Heater (W):  20/130
Trusco Part No.:  849-8144
Included Accessories:  With protective cap
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards.
Some products may not meet the standards of your item.
Please check the specification carefully before you order.
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  1. When repairing electrical appliances
    The temperature rise of the trowel tip is faster and easier to use than other companies' products.
    (Translated by machine.)

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