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Ceramic Adjustment Screwdriver

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A high-strength, long-life, completely non-inductive high-frequency adjustment driver that uses zirconia-based fine ceramics.
Two types of adjustment are possible with the tip minus and the hexagonal part of the shaft core.
This is an 8-piece set that includes DA-81 to 88. For audio equipment such as tuners and amplifiers, TVs, VTRs, video cameras, radio-related equipment, wireless equipment, oscilloscopes, computer-related equipment, communication equipment-related equipment, etc.
Set Contents:  Set product
Shaft Penetration:  None
Cutting Edge Magnet:  None
Material (Grip):  Resin
Type:  Set product
This product is manufactured in Japanese standards.
Some products may not meet the standards of your item.
Please check the specification carefully before you order.
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  • Item #: 05236707

    Mfr #: DK-91

    Package Qty: 1set


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