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  1. Star cutend
    Oxygen Arc Industry Star cutend
    Starcuttend heats while generating an arc between the melting rod and the object to be melted, and oxygen is sent from the inner hole to melt it. In gas cutting, the preheated flame preheats the cut piece to the ignition temperature or higher, blows an oxygen stream, and melts it with the heat of... Read More
    Type  Cutting  Overall Length (mm)  900  Oxygen Pressure (MPa)  0.49~0.69  Outer Diameter (Φmm)  9.0  Mass (kg/piece)  0.37 
    from ₱16,031.42
    Min. 4 days
  2. 5.0mm cutting bar
    ESCO 5.0mm cutting bar
    For cutting cast iron, stainless steel, etc.
    Diameter (Φmm)  Overall Length (mm)  400  Current Range (A)  260~350  Esco Part No.  EA318B-5 
    from ₱4,029.03
    Min. 4 days
  3. Unisocket
    FIRE LANCE KOGYO Unisocket
    from ₱18,909.59
    Min. 5 days
  4. Sharp lance
    Oxygen Arc Industry Sharp lance
    Sharp lance is a product that improves the melting efficiency by incorporating several to dozens of fusing core wires in the combustion steel pipe for the purpose of increasing the amount of heat generated by the lance. Not limited to steel, alloys such as stainless steel and brass, non-ferrous m... Read More
    Type  Cutting  Overall Length (mm)  900  Mass (kg/piece)  0.36  Outer Diameter (Φmm)  9.0  Oxygen Pressure (MPa)  0.30~0.78  Main Application  Work in closed or confined spaces  Type of Connection 
    from ₱32,889.29
    Min. 4 days
  5. 4.0mm cutting bar
    ESCO 4.0mm cutting bar
    Esco Part No.  EA318B-4 
    from ₱5,341.07
    Min. 4 days
  6. Chakapot Set
    Oxygen Arc Industry Chakapot Set
    The sharp lance (oxygen melting rod) ignition work, which has been a time-consuming work until now, will be revolutionary. The chaka charcoal comes with an ignition ribbon (paraffin-coated cotton thread) in advance, so no paper pieces are required. At the first ignition, a small amount of seed li... Read More
    Set Contents  Ignitor body x 4, Chaka charcoal x 10 
    from ₱6,163.40
    Min. 7 days
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